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by David Sera


You’re new to the sport of karting but don’t know the basics? The beginner program is designed for kart racers who have been involved in the sport less than 6 months & want to know more about; Kart setup, race lines, apexes and the correct tyre pressures to use. The fundamentals of any racing careers are achieved in our beginner program.

Learn to drive & get on the right track for success!

Step 1

Join the program

This gives you access to our database of 13 instructional videos on driving & kart setup + diagrams & worksheets.

Step 2

Use Our Resources

With your resources, print off the diagrams and fill in your worksheets to use them as a booklet at the race track!

Step 3

Start learning the fundamentals

After our beginner program, you will feel confident driving, understanding the karts behaviours & learnt the fundamentals for a successful motor racing career.

Why Kart Class?

A unique program that helps you go from beginner to pro in no time.

conducted by an 18x australian champion.

Understand your kart behaviour.

Learn the fundamentals of any successful racing career.

Best suited to drivers within their first 6 months of racing.

that's just the tip of the iceberg!
so what are you waiting for?

All this for only $399.99 AUD
$100 AUD over 4 payments

Beginner videos

Beginner articles

Kart Class Setup Sheet

Kart Class Setup Sheet

Two-stroke Mix Ratio Chart

Two–stroke Mix Ratio Chart

Driving Checklist

Driving Checklist

Chain Tension

Chain Tension

Kart Maintenance Checklist

Kart Maintenance Checklist