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  • Best Chassis for the Cadet Class

    Most of today’s elite racers all started out in the world of go-karting. In fact, kids as young as 6 years old can start competing professionally, with many already taking up karting recreationally as early as five years old. If you or your parents do decide to let you take up karting at a young age, you are eligible for what is called the Cadet Class. Here, kids ranging from 7-12 years of age compete in this category.
  • Kart Preparation

    What are some essential tasks we should do before getting onto the track for your first session. The first thing we're going to do is make sure that our data logger is fully charged up. The data logger then gives us the lap times, RPM and speed around the track. Next thing we want to do is check the tire pressures. First, we want to make sure that none of them have gone flat. To check the pressures, we're basically pushing the tire pressure gauge onto the valve & that gives us the reading of the tire pressure. We can start to bleed some air out. When it’s warmer, we want to start lowering the pressure. The higher pressure is good for cooler conditions, and we start to lower that tire pressure as the day warms up. Repeat this process on all four tires.
  • 3 Tips For Kart Racing

    Here are three tips to help out your go-kart racing. So the first tip we're going to be looking at is our posture in the kart. We want to have a slight bend in our arms. We want to keep our back relatively straight. If you notice you're crouched over, it's going to change the balance of the kart. And if you're leaning too far back, that's going to put too much weight on the rear of the chassis. So just think, get yourself in the kart, push yourself in the seat ever so slightly so your arms are slightly bent. Some of the typical examples of a bad posture might be when you're leaning over. If you've got a massive bend in your arm, there's more chances of turning the wheel around the corner. This means you’re not as smooth, and more mistakes can be made.



I am lucky to have Dave in my corner. He is a big reason why Peter is now able to race competitively all throughout the world & won his first Australian championship with Dave’s guidance. Not only does Dave know the techniques, his innate ability to communicate with drivers of any age or experience is what sets him apart in this field.

Andrew B

Dave has taken Miley from Club day winner to a win at the Australian Kart Championships in less than two years, with a calm approach to coaching and dedication second to none, the results speak for themselves.

Tim M

My son Jackson has joined Kart Class this year & found it invaluable during COVID to have constant access to videos, podcasts and worksheets to look back on when he needs. But now we can get to the track again, he loves going over videos specific to what he needs to improve on.

Damian B