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How to get the most out of Kart Class?
Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part by choosing to get started. Although all the videos are in front of you, we advise you to go through them one by one and fill in your worksheets as a guide to look back over at the racetrack. It’s exciting to see so much content in front of you, but this can be overwhelming for some. The best way for your brain to process what is happening is to go through them slowly, and repeatedly as this will help to retain the information. Also, by being a member, you’re invited to join our private Kart Class Facebook community. It’s full of amazing people just like you who are dedicated to racing and will help with advice, support and LIVE videos. You need to be a paid member to join, so be sure to let us know if your Facebook profile name doesn’t match your registered name. We look forward to seeing what you achieve with us!

Can I watch the videos anytime?
Yes of course! Watch and learn from our videos while you’re on the way to a race event, just after an on-track session, or before you go to sleep in your race suit! They’re on demand, so you can always be learning!

I’ve paid, now what?
Firstly, WELCOME! To access your program, log in using your email & password. Then you can select the category you purchased from the home screen and click on any of the videos to watch endlessly. Don’t forget to click the links under each clip to access your worksheets to fill in and use as a booklet.

What if I don’t like Kart Class?
Impossible! No, in all seriousness, send us an email to and we’ll work out any concerns with you.

Will I still have access to Kart Class after my subscription ends?
Our membership programs run for 6 months, as this allows us to track your progress, implement the techniques and see success. It’s not an overnight quick fix like changing an axle and going half a second faster, so we’re there for your long-term journey. If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose access to the video content and Facebook community.

How do the payments work?
You have a subscription, so once you make your first payment, all the work is really done. Payments will come out on the date of subscription and then renew your membership in 6 months’ time. You can cancel any time via your profile with complete access to Kart Class until the end of your paid period (minimum 6 months).

I’m struggling to make a payment
Struggling at the start line! Have you entered your card details correctly? If you’re still having difficulties, it could be your bank being cautious of a foreign payment system. Have a chat to them about it and, if you’re still having trouble, send our Kart Class team an email at

What payment system do you use?
We use Shopify, the leading company in secure online payments. They have the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry protecting your details. Any information you need can be found in our privacy policy.

How do I cancel my subscription?
If you sign into your profile on our website, click through to your ‘Profile’. There will be an option to cancel your membership and you will receive an email notification confirming your subscription has been cancelled. If you do not receive this, please contact us to check you have cancelled correctly at

I am trying to get into the Facebook group, but my request hasn’t been accepted yet
Our group is exclusive to our Kart Class members, so if you haven’t yet joined our program you’ll need to wait until our next opening. If you are already a member but are awaiting approval into our community, it might be because your Facebook name isn’t the same as the name you used to sign up to Kart Class. If that’s the case, just let us know at and our team will sort it out. There might be a slight delay (our inbox is always buzzing with requests) but we’ll jump onto it ASAP.

I forgot my password!
Yep, been there before. Jump into your ‘Profile’ and select reset password to reset it and get back on the starting grid.

My password didn’t reset
Please double check you’re using the same email you signed up to Kart Class with, and your junk folder. If that’s still not working, please send the Shopify team an email for more support.

How can we contact you?
For general enquiries, email us at Please note that while we are active on Facebook and Instagram all member enquiries do need to come through via email for us to guarantee that we will be able to help.