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Basic Tools For Karting

Go-Karts are one tough beast to tame. Not only do you have to extract every ounce of performance from one, but you must make sure to maintain its condition and set it according to your liking. While these tasks are difficult, having the right set of tools to tackle these situations are a must. So, here is a general guide on some of the tools you need for karting.

Tool Box

- Let’s start off with an easy one. Toolboxes keep your tools in a certain place. This seems like a no-brainer but it’s definitely a must have. The smallest of wrenches and tiniest of screwdrivers can get lost if you don’t use a toolbox.

Wrenches, Ratchets, Sockets

- There are many types of wrenches out there, all of them coming in different types, shapes, and sizes. Which is why we put wrenches, ratchets, and sockets in the same category. These tools help you fasten and unfasten certain parts in a go kart. You will encounter many sizes and types of screws, so it is recommended that you buy a kit to fix all kinds of problems. The main sizes you find on a kart are 10mm & 13mm nuts and having 3-8mm T-Bars sort most of the bolts.


- Screwdrivers have the same purpose as wrenches do except for the fact that they are used on different kinds of nuts and bolts. Just like wrenches, a kit of screwdrivers that come in different sizes is key. Airbox clamps, data logger batteries and battery terminals generally use screws to tighten. 


- Transferring fuel is not really a difficult task, but having a funnel makes it easier. Having a funnel allows more room for error when transferring fuel.

Tire Pressure Gauge

- This tool is one of the most important tools to have, primarily because it helps you measure the pressure of tires which is something that can drastically affect a lap time and kart balance. Cooler conditions need higher tire temps and hotter conditions need lower temps. And by using a tire pressure gauge, you can pinpoint the optimal pressure needed according to the weather conditions. These can be purchased in both digital and analog depending on how close you want to monitor them.

Zip/ Cable Ties

- Go Karts have a lot of things attached to it, and these things can get in the way often. This is where zip ties come in, to make sure they stay in place. Zip ties are often used for wires which are tied to a part of the frame in the go-kart and helps in attaching important devices like the Mychron (a data logger) onto the go-kart. Most scrutineering requires zip ties around the fuel line to stop any leaking and a pair of side cutters are recommended to trim the ends.


- Cutting, binding, and weaving wires through parts of a kart are some of the things that are a job for pliers. Grab a set of pointy nose pliers also to get too hard-to-reach areas of the kart.

Rubber Mallet

- These types of mallets help fix any damages that a go-kart may have by whipping it back into shape, while at the same time not damaging the part that is being worked on. You will often see yourself using this tool for things such as the bumpers of the go-kart and removing a rear axle if it is binding up.

Chain Breakers

- While chain breakers sound like a bad thing, it isn’t. Chain breakers don’t necessarily destroy a chain, but rather break it down, as chains are made of multiple links that can be broken using this tool. By breaking down a chain, it can be cleaned, checked for defects, and fixed accordingly. This is a way to save of money rather than purchasing the next size down of a chain.

Air Compressor

- The air compressor is a key component to add to your kit. Its main purpose is to inflate your go kart tires. While you can use other tools to inflate your tires, it’s the air compressor that does it most efficiently. You can find smaller battery-operated compressors that inflate tires at a fraction of the cost.

Those were 10 of the basic tools you need for karting. The more you venture into this world, you will continue to encounter new and more challenging problems that need different tools for the job.

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