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Best Chassis for the Cadet Class

Most of today’s elite racers all started out in the world of go-karting. In fact, kids as young as 6 years old can start competing professionally, with many already taking up karting recreationally as early as five years old. If you or your parents do decide to let you take up karting at a young age, you are eligible for what is called the Cadet Class. Here, kids ranging from 7-12 years of age compete in this category. When competing with the stars of the future, you will need a competitive package and that is what we are here to show you today. Here are four of the best, fastest, and most sought after chassis for the Cadet class.


  1. Parolin

Started by Albino Parolin in the 1980’s, Parolin has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the Cadet category.. This Italian based manufacturer is one of the many chassis makers in Italy that promise excellence, high-quality, and fast machinery.

As Parolin mentions, the frame’s shape and the type of tube, which has a 28 mm diameter, the chassis offers superlative adaptability to all grip conditions. Furthermore, their chassis is open to many possible adjustments. This is because for one, the kart features an axle that allows for the ride height to be easily adjusted and they have their own engineered front end steering system that is symbolic to the brand. Furthermore, their new braking system allows for better quality and much smoother braking. All in all, the new Parolin Opportunity is a chassis that is friendly for beginners due to its ease in adjustments, and is a kart with very good driveability.

parolin kart

Parolin “Opportunity” Kart


  1. Kart Republic

Despite being the newest brand in comparison to the other brands in this list, Kart Republic has quickly established itself as a legitimate world-class brand having won major races in all European, USA and Asian championships. Started only back in 2017 (only 7 years ago) by Dino Chiesa, Kart Republic is most certainly a fan favorite that any driver would enjoy driving on-track.

As you can see from the image below, this is Kart Republic’s newest addition, the KR Mini Chassis. Over the years, the model has remained the same for the most part. However, with each passing year, the brand makes sure to make improvements to the chassis, a symbol of their aspiration for excellence and top of the line go-kart chassis. All in all, one thing is a constant and that is Kart Republic’s chassis and overall go-karts are ones that are fast, with good handling, and great for any cadet looking to embark on a motor racing career.

kr mini chassis

KR Mini Chassis


3. Benik

Heading up north to the Americas, we find the Benik chassis. This squad would make their debut in the 2013 SuperKarts! USA series or SKUSA. From there, they would prove themselves to be a formidable team that can easily challenge for wins and are consistently at the sharp end of the grid in North America. The team would eventually branch out further and make kart chassis of their own.

Their most recent model is the Benik Raton 950 released during the last quarter of 2023. This CIK homologated chassis is coupled with fully and easily adjustable caster and camber, a self adjusting braking system, and a beautiful sticker kit to go along with it. With this, not only will you get a fast, lightweight go-kart with good brakes and handling, but you will look good while driving it too!

If you’re located in the USA, you know the Benik chassis is designed to suit the USA conditions with the team being assembled there. Having always been frontrunners in the Cadet class at all major races, you’ll be competitive in their karts.

benik kart

Benik Raton 950


4. Tony Kart (or any OTK Chassis)

As Italy’s most iconic go-kart manufacturer, and one of the oldest brands in go-karting history, you should expect nothing less than excellence from the Tony Kart OTK Group. What was once a business that started from a small workshop in 1958, they continue to make some of the best go-karts in the field and are a popular option for drivers even beyond the cadet category.

Their newest and latest addition to the lineup is the Tony Kart Rookie. Their chassis, created with high quality grade chrome steel makes for a light and durable frame. When it comes to setting up the kart itself, Tony Kart has made it user-friendly. Families will keep a factory setting on the Tony Kart chassis and with these settings will see competitive times. This makes it easier for drivers who are just starting so that they don’t get overwhelmed by the world of go-karting and lost with kart setup.

otk kart

Tony Kart Rookie


And that concludes our article on the best chassis on the market for the cadet class. With these, you will most certainly be someone not to be messed with on a race weekend. Combine this with phenomenal driving skills and you are sure to be bringing home silverware consistently.

For drivers younger than 6 years of age looking to step into karting, some manufacturers produce a chassis called a Bambino kart. These karts have an adjustable seat that slides to suit kids of different heights and is fitted with a 4-stroke engine for longer reliability and to reduce costs. These karts can be raced in the United Kingdom and the USA.

otk bambino kart

If that idea excites you, then Kart Class has the right program for you! Their beginner program is exactly what Cadets need as they step into the world of competitive karting and begin their racing journey. Guided by David Sera, 18-time Australian Kart Champion, his experience is most certainly of value for anyone jumping into the world of go-karting.

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