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Best Kart Tracks In Florida, USA

The United States of America is home to many iconic race tracks located in many different states. Florida is known to be one of the hotbeds of motorsport and go-karting in America, with a lot of tracks that hold prestigious races every year. It’s also a state that offers South Americans the easiest access to karting if they are wanting to race in the United States. Here, we will look at three of the best tracks that Florida has to offer.

  1. AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex (Homestead, FL)
AMR complex
  • The AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires is one of the best karting tracks that America has to offer! Known to host races for the SKUSA Winter Series & Sunshine State Karting Challenge, this 12-turn track may seem like a simple layout at first, given the number of 90-degree corners that are in this circuit. Make no mistake however, that this is still one tough track to tame. This 0.7 mile monster of a track is a joy to drive on! Be sure to attack the curbs around the circuit, as when hit correctly can shave tenths off your lap times. 

  • The main track, which is a circuit that was built in a parking lot saw major changes in November of 2021, making it now a proper circuit. The layout is a counter-clockwise racing circuit that starts you off with a 90-degree corner, followed by a left-right chicane onto a long straight. From there, a sharp hairpin opens up an opportunity for drivers to make a move down the inside for an overtake. The same can be done as another long straight follows into another slow hairpin. From there comes the technical section of the circuit which takes up turns 6-9 of the circuit. To end the lap, turns 10-12 are all 90-degree, but you must make sure to get a good exit off the last corner as you head down the long main straight. This circuit races in both directions, offering drivers a unique challenge each time they compete here.

    To view information about the AMR Motorplex circuit visit their site here: Kart Rental Racing in Miami Homestead Karting Florida - Let's Go Karting! (amrmotorplex.com)  

  1. Orlando Kart Center (Orlando, FL)
Orlando track
  • Andre Martins, former Karting Driver, would open the Orlando Kart Center back in 2009. The Orlando Kart Center is a track with a lot of variety. It features a lot of different layouts, such as a short track that is 0.6 miles long, and a long track that is 0.8 miles long that is both tight and technical. The circuit holds many karting championship races such as the ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour, it is also a track known for its rental karting. For example, the 12-Hours of Orlando Kart Endurance Race is one of the  biggest races at this track that anyone can participate in! 

  • The long track serves as the official main track of the entire circuit. This clockwise layout starts with three unique corners that present a challenge right off the gate. From there, two big overtaking opportunities follow. A straight leads to a hairpin, and this sequence is repeated again. A fast section is followed by two very tight corners that lead onto the back straight and onto another tight hairpin which serves as the tightest corner on the racetrack. A fast esses section follows into a medium speed corner and onto the main straight where drivers can look to overtake one final time. 

  1. Piquet Entertainment & Race Park (Loxahatchee, FL)
Piquet Entertainment & Race Park
  • Piquet Race Park is a track that offers more than just go-karting. Aside from the thrill of speed, a lot of family fun can be had here as well. There are a ton of things to do including paintballing, rock climbing, and axe throwing! All of this and more can be found here, a place that is also good for fun family outings.

  • The 0.84 mile with a whopping 20 corners has its mix of both very fast as well as slow and technical sections spread across the circuit. After a long straight followed by a left-hander taken full throttle, two hairpins in succession come next. Turns 4-10 is perhaps what the track is best known for, which is its technical section. From esses to double apex corners, this is where drivers can gain the most laptime over the course of the lap. The circuit then speeds up again at turns 11-16 before presenting another overtaking opportunity at turns 17 and 18. Be sure to get a good exit however as these corners will slingshot into the fastest part of the track, turns 19 and 20, which are both taken flat out as you head onto the main straight at over 120 km/h. This is one of the most technical and physically demanding circuits in the United States.


That concludes this article on the three best Kart Tracks in the state of Florida. From tracks that present the highest level of karting competition in America, to laid back and relaxing ones that offer leisure, fun, and most importantly, the need for speed. 


If you wish to be fast on these circuits, then Kart Class can help you do just that! We have Track Guides for these Florida circuits giving drivers the exact brake, apex and acceleration points. Mixed in with pedal cameras, drone footage & animations, drivers have all the information they need to dominate on track.


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