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Best Karting Gloves

Karting gloves are one of the essentials when it comes to racewear that you need. These gloves not only protect your hands from injuries such as burns and cuts, but also help in driving performance as they provide grip as you hold the steering wheel. With that, to get the most out of your kart, you need the best karting gloves out there, and here are some of the options that range from affordable to top of the line. Either way, all these gloves provide optimal safety and performance. 

  1. OMP
  • Now in its 50th year as of 2023, OMP continues to be one of the leaders in top of the line, high-quality racing gloves that are FIA Approved for International and Global events. OMP’s gloves offer different kinds of price ranges. For example, OMP Sport OS 60 racing gloves go for as low as $150 Australian Dollars. However, if you are looking for something on the higher end, an example of this would be the OMP Tecnica racing gloves that go for $274 Australian Dollars. A motor racing glove is generally in a nomex material which is fireproof. Not necessarily needed for karting, but they provide more comfort. Therefore, be sure to be aware of the budget you have that's within your price range. 

  1. Minus 273
  • If you are looking for affordable gloves that have a variety of designs, then Minus 273 is the brand for you! Minus 273 has both high-quality gloves whilst also making you look cool while driving. They offer a lot of designs and are constantly updating more often compared to their rivals on the market. On top of that, they are long-lasting too! With that, this makes them the most affordable glove brand on this list, with their gloves selling for as low as $80 Australian Dollars and as high as $127 Australian Dollars. These are the gloves I use for my karting. 
-273 gloves

  1. FreeM
  • FreeM is a brand that covers all karting racewear, from gloves to boots and custom suits. FreeM is one of the best glove making companies out there. Despite their high asking price, what you get in return are simple designed gloves that are crafted with the finest materials that will most definitely help in your driving and comfort. On their website, they offer the Senso 16 and Senso 22 Gloves, both costing $162 and $177 Australian Dollars respectively. 

  1. AlpineStars
  • Similar to OMP, AlpineStars features FIA approved/homologated gloves. For reference, the most common gloves used in karting events are AlpineStars and OMP, so if you wish to go with what everyone uses, then these are your best bet. AlpineStars, unlike the other brands on this list, are ones that specialize not only in karting gloves, but racing apparel in general. Their price range is around $60-$230 Australian Dollars. 


alpine star gloves

  1. Sparco
  • Aside from selling bucket seats in regular road cars, Sparco also sells top of the line, high-quality gloves. Based in the USA, Sparco is a well-known brand that has stayed in the world of motorsports for over 40 years! And as you can expect from a long-lasting brand, excellence will follow. Out of all the brands on this list however, Sparco offers the least amount of variety. 


  1. Offset Sport
  • One of the newest karting glove manufacturers to hit the market is the USA brand Offset Sport. Created by multi-time USA Champion Chris Wehrheim, these gloves offer more color than the other brands. Known for their more contemporary look, but fluro in some styles, you’ll be seen driving by wearing Offset Sport. With a growing network of distributors, you should be able to find Offset at your nearest track. 
offset gloves


And those were six of the most well-known karting gloves in the market that provide the best grip, feel, comfort, and safety. Know that all of these brands have many different types of gloves with differing price ranges. Be sure to analyze your budget to make a decision on what is the best set of karting gloves for you. 


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