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Five tips to go faster in go karting

  1. Proper driving technique: Having good driving technique is key to going fast in karting. This includes things like smooth steering inputs, proper weight transfer, and accurate braking.
  2. Tire management: Tires play a crucial role in karting performance and keeping them at the right temperature and pressure can help increase speed throughout your session. Over-driving a kart can be seen when the tires have severe graining on them. This can be from the tires overheating or from excessive sliding.
  3. Chassis setup: Proper chassis setup can also help increase speed by optimizing the kart's handling and balance. Be sure to experiment with different settings such as camber, toe, and ride height to find the best combination for your kart and driving style. If you’re still stuck on what adjustments to make to your kart, feel free to check out our Setup Program here.
  4. Conditioning: Karting is a physically demanding sport, so it's important to be in good physical shape to be able to drive at your best. This can help you to maintain focus and consistency over long periods of time.
  5. Practice, practice, practice: The more you race, the more comfortable you will be in your kart and the faster you will go. Try to practice regularly and focus on areas where you know you can improve.

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