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Go karting basics

Karting is becoming increasingly popular, both as entertainment and as a sport. In many cities, there are karting tracks where you can get a dose of adrenaline by improving your driving skills, relieving stress, and just having fun. This is probably why more and more people are wanting to learn about karting. The introduction of the ‘Drive to Survive’ Netflix series following the Formula 1 teams has also given karting more mainstream media in recent years.


What is best to wear for karting? How to drive a racing kart? Tips for go-karting? If you want to know all this and more, let's figure it out together!

What to wear for karting?

Passion for extreme sports requires taking care of yourself and wearing protection is a must! No single karting club allows you to go on the track without equipment. The minimum set includes a helmet, protective overalls, gloves and over the ankle boots are required.

If we talk about professional karting, the requirements for the level of safety are much higher. The driver must have a full set of protective equipment and comply with international standards. In addition, the rules for conducting races often contain additional safety & licencing requirements.

In general, the protective suit for karting is the same as for Formula 1 drivers. The only difference is that karting equipment has a slightly lower level of protection and lower cost. Helmets all must have a visor, so that no debris flies into the driver’s sight, and you can get different levels of protection for both hands and feet depending on whether you want fire resistant or not.

Quick karting lessons. Go-karting tips from professionals

Basic rules and go-karting techniques will help you complete any track in the shortest possible time.

The first of these, called "outer-inner-outer," says that the turn should be driven using the entire track width. That is, when starting a turn, hold on to the outer edge, then the inner at the apex of a corner, and exit the turn, against the outer.

The second rule concerns the trajectory. The shortest does not mean the fastest. After all, to enter a sharp turn (along the inner edge of the track), you need to reduce the speed significantly. The result is a significant waste of time as you’re having to turn the wheel greater to corner.

Rule number 3. In karting, the best trajectory is not symmetrical. This can be explained by the karts braking dynamics significantly exceeding the acceleration dynamics, so you need to know – slow in, fast out!


Important! Professionals recommend braking as late as possible when turning, going deep, and touching the inner edge of the corner as far as possible.


The fourth rule advises you to be aware of drifting. Although it may feel fast, drifting reduces speed and reduces engine speed. It is better to take turns in the "roll in" way. A kart in control allows a driver to corner faster.

The last rule also applies to drifts. To prevent the kart from skidding around corners, brake when the kart is straight for more stability entering a corner. If you can hear your tyres screeching every turn, it’s likely your entry speed is too fast.

Learn the tips in practice before you try them out in a race to make sure you make less mistakes on the track!

Of course, to master karting you need guidance from professionals. Kart Class offers karting lessons for beginners and champions alike.



Thinking about karting and looking at photos of karts (looking like toy cars), you might believe that this is nothing more than a fun pastime, but besides entertainment, it is also one of the most popular types of motorsports and a proven breeding ground of Formula One drivers.


Try visiting the karting track after you get your lessons from Kart Class, and we are sure you will not regret it.


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