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How Fast Do Go Karts Go?

Sprint karts are the feeder category to many current Supercars & Formula 1 drivers we see racing today. Many of them honed their skills racing karts from a young age because it allows drivers to test their reflexes and hand eye coordination at speeds, they can’t replicate anywhere else.

We see kids as young as 6 years old driving more than 95km/h on a straight and then they can build up to 160+km/h for the 6-speed KZ gearbox category once they are in seniors (15 years & older).

It's the initial acceleration that drivers need to get used to as karts are quite responsive compared to rental karts or motor vehicles. Also, the combination of power to weight ratio sees karts as one of the fastest racing categories from this point of view and is a major factor we see Motor Racing drivers step back in behind the wheel of a karts to sharpen their skills.

To think that kids aged 6 can drive the same speed as what many of our highways allow road cars to travel at is incredible when they need to also hit braking points, apexes, overtake other competitors and race in mixed weather conditions.

When the time comes for these kids to step into a road car to get their licence, they are generally way more capable from having the experience of driving from a young age and learning the fundamentals of being able to handle a vehicle.

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