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How Much Does Go Karting Cost?

The cost of kart racing is very dependent on whether you look to start with a brand-new package or a second-hand package.

For me, it’s best to start with a second-hand kart to see whether you like it first and foremost, but this also allows you to learn in a kart where mistakes are imminent when you are learning the skills. People can purchase a second-hand package from their local kart shop, or online via kart racing groups on Facebook and other forums. The costs for a second-hand kart can vary from $1000 - $3500 depending on the condition and the year it was manufactured.

If you want to purchase a new package so you know there is no history of crashes, then you are looking at between $3500 for a cadet kart and $5500 for a senior kart. These are both rough estimations and its always wise to contact your local kart shop to get a better indication on what is available. Also, take note that the above prices are for the kart chassis itself with no engine.

I would recommend getting a new engine to fit to your kart. The price for a new engine is between $3000 and $4500 depending on the class you are looking to race. If you go new, then there isn’t a need right away to get it serviced, which can add up if the second-hand package you buy hasn’t been maintained very well.

For race gear, find what fits you best. I started with second-hand equipment as they were given to me from my cousin who raced before I did. Gloves, race boots (over the ankles), racing suit and helmet are all necessities. So, search online or with a karting store to see what is available. But you can probably get all the above for $750 if you look towards the cheaper end of the spectrum. These can all increase if you go to the top end of the market with the latest technology in safety requirements, but it is an individual’s choice.

Lastly, you need a karting licence and membership to get you on track. Licences can be made through your karting association and vary depending on whether you choose practice or racing licence. Club memberships can be as cheap as $50 for the year up to $250 depending on your local club. This gives you access to the racetrack, but some clubs will charge an additional practice fee, not all of them.
So, as you can see, karting if purchasing second hand can be a cost-effective way to get a taste of what motor racing is all about.

Karting is seen as a proven starting ground for many Formula 1 and Supercars drivers around the world, so it is definitely valuable if that’s where you have your sights set. As you work your way up the motor racing ladder, you will find the costs increase, so it is good to learn the fundamentals and skills at the cheaper end of the spectrum in karting.

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