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How to change the setup on your kart

Changing the setup on a go-kart involves adjusting various components of the kart to optimize its performance on the track. The specific setup changes will vary depending on the kart, track conditions & tire compound, but some common adjustments include:

  1. Tire pressure: Adjusting the air pressure in the tires can affect the kart's grip and handling. Generally, lower pressure will provide less grip at the start of a race, but improve as the session goes on and the temperatures increase.
  2. Ride height: Adjusting the height of the kart can affect its aerodynamics and handling. Lowering the kart can improve its stability but can also make it more prone to bottoming out on the track. The front ride height has less of an affect than the rear ride height.
  3. Camber: Adjusting the angle of the wheels in relation to the kart's chassis can affect its handling and tire wear. Negative camber can provide more grip but can also lead to increased tire wear on the inside of the tire.
  4. Toe-in/Toe-out: Adjusting the angle of the front wheels can affect the kart's steering response and stability. Toe-in can provide more stability, while toe-out can provide more responsive steering.
  5. Weight distribution: Adjusting the distribution of weight on the kart can affect its balance and handling. Moving weight towards the back of the kart can improve its stability, while moving weight towards the front can improve its responsiveness. This can play a big factor with smaller drivers who are forced to fix lead ballast to their karts.

It is important to test these things on practice days to find a balance that works for you. Not all setups work for drivers as their driving styles are different. It's important to test the kart's handling after making changes and make additional adjustments as necessary.

If you are having difficulties setting up your chassis to the ever changing track conditions, we can help you out with our Kart Setup Program which focuses on what axle to use, what camber, the style and rigidity of seat to have in your kart.

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