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Pros and Cons of the ROK engine

In this 3-part series, we have covered two engines so far, with those being the IAME X30 and the Rotax engines. Now entering our final installment, we will now discuss the ROK Vortex engine. Compared to its competition, the company entered relatively late in the go-kart engine market, creating engines in the late nineties. With all that in mind, how does it fare against other TAG engines?


Pros: High Horsepower

  • The ROK engine is like the Rotax engine, in the sense that they are both good at high-speed tracks. Compared to the other engines we have discussed, the ROK has the highest horsepower of the three, but this may result in a different weight when racing against other TAG engines. This sees the go-kart achieving exceptional speeds on the straightaway, even maxing out 15000 RPM’s.


Cons: Slightly more Expensive

  • When it comes to the price difference between the ROK and its competitors, it is not a lot. However, saving a few hundred euros can help you in the long run. Compared to the X30 and Rotax which have a price range of around 2500 euros, the ROK costs around 2800 euros for a brand-new engine. Keep in mind however that this is only reference from engines used in the Junior to Senior categories, and it is highly likely that this is not the case for other engines such as shifters.


Pros: Balanced Engine

  • Despite the high horsepower of the ROK engine, drivers consider this as a very balanced engine, suited for balanced tracks, ones that have almost the same amount of both high speed and low speed corners. Compared to the Rotax which is known for its top speed, and the X30 for its cornering and acceleration, the ROK does not necessarily excel in these categories. Instead, it is an engine that can deliver good performance in all categories (top speed, cornering, acceleration, etc,).


Pros: Good Top End

  • One technical advantage the ROK engine has over its competitors is how convenient and easy is to work on the top end of the engine. The top end (parts above the engine block) includes parts such as the cylinder heads and valves don’t often need to be worked on as the rebuild interval of the top end is around 20 hours, meaning that you can spend around 20 hours on track using the engine before you notice any performance deficiencies. Therefore, it’s one of the reasons why drivers attest to the engine’s top end. Furthermore, the parts are also very strong and don’t break, which shows the reliability of the ROK engine.


Cons: Lack of bottom end performance

  • In the previous article covering the X30 engine, we mentioned that the X30 has great acceleration. But with the Vortex ROK engine, its strong points are the mid-range to top-end performance. Drivers who are beginning their karting might find it more difficult to drive with how the power is delivered.


So those were some of the pros and cons of the ROK engine. Remember that these points given are subjective and not set in stone. These pros and cons were formed according to the experiences of other drivers using the same engine brand. At the end of the day, everyone’s experience is different. What others have observed you may not even experience it. An engine’s compatibility in relation to the kart and driver is always down to feel. Therefore, understanding your go-kart and being able to relay the information on how the go-kart feels is important. Now that we have covered all three engines, the rest is up to you!


Make sure to consider all factors such as the pros and cons we have mentioned, the class you will join, and the budget you are willing to allocate. All this is necessary in finding out the engine that is suited to you.

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