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Tyre Manufacturers In Karting

There are many brands of tyres to choose from in karting, all of which offer high-quality performance. In today’s blog, we will look at a few of these big wigs in the tyre manufacturing industry.


  1. Bridgestone


When you think of tyres, you think of Bridgestone. Known for making high quality products for different track conditions. Starting all the way back in 1931 in Fukuoka, the Japanese-based manufacturer has managed to extend its reach into the world of karting. Bridgestone is one of the most popular options for karting tyres with a large round of compounds to suit different categories.


  1. MG Tires

mg tyres

Compared to Bridgestone, MG Tires is solely committed to providing tyres for racing karts. This Brazilian outfit got its start in 1989, eventually becoming a staple in the world of karting. It persists to be a popular choice among kart racers for its wide range of tyres for different karting categories and track conditions. In their website, MG Tires makes a promise to anyone who buys their product:

MG develops its products with the needs of all drivers in mind, from beginners to the most experienced, always focusing on quality and high performance.”

They’ve been prominent in the North American & Australian Karting scenes during the last decade, and make branded tires for the SKUSA Series called Evinco.


  1. Vega


Named after one of the brightest stars in the galaxy, Vega continues to prove that Italians are some of the best tyre manufacturers out there. Starting all the way back in 1980, this makes them one of the oldest manufacturers in this list. Make no mistake however that their tried and true formula still stands the test time, continuing to be an option for many kart drivers. Their vast selection is suitable for various levels of competition from the local club leagues, all the way to the big international events.


  1. Maxxis


Getting its start all the way back in 1967 with bicycle tires, the Taiwan-based Maxxis organization known for its performance in off-road conditions, has made an impact in the world of karting. Maxxis are used primarily in the lower levels of karting such as rentals and cadets. However, it is proven to get the job done, providing durability and performance in both dry and wet conditions.


Despite it starting from the east of Asia, drivers up in the North of America have gained an interest in the brand due to its aforementioned off-road performance. Aside from Maxiis being used in tracks with asphalt, it also has tyres for the purpose of dirt kart racing and oval kart racing, a popular niche in America.


  1. Mojo



Compared to other brands in this list, Mojo was welcomed pretty late as it was founded in 2006 by the highly acclaimed ROTAX company. The brand came about after ROTAX’s desire for a tyre that can truly showcase the prowess of the 125 Max engine.


A favorite of many kart drivers in the world as it is sold in over 50 countries worldwide, Mojo offers tyres with good grip and consistent performance. While it may be synonymous with the ROTAX brand, should you decide to place this on a kart with another engine, Mojo will continue to deliver quality performance and power.


  1. Dunlop


A jack of all trades is what best describes Dunlop. Similar to Bridgestone, they extend their reach when it comes to their tyres, and this is also evident in their karting fleet. With their vast array of options, they have multiple different options for all sorts of track surfaces. Their tyres are also suitable for recreational and competitive karting, but more so for the latter.


There is no bigger advocate for Dunlop in competitive karting than the Australian faithful. Ever since acquiring the rights to Dunlop, the karting community in Australia saw 1000’s of drivers use the dunlop brand which we can see here:

dunlop sign


  1. Hoosier



With all these brands in mind, the Americans certainly have something to be proud of as well, and that is in the form of Hoosier. Beginning in the 1950's , Bob Newton, who was a former racer himself, started this iconic organization.


This embodiment of the American Dream continues to be a staple for tyres in the American karting scene. This Indiana-based operation can guarantee optimal performance and long-lasting durability.


  1. Yokohama Advan



Not to be outdone by Bridgestone and Dunlop, Yokohama ADVAN has recently plunged into the world of grassroots motorsports. Being the newest addition to the list, Yokohama would announce back in 2014 that they were to create a racing kart tyre that is CIK-FIA homologated.


Fast forward 10 years later, and their product has proven to be reliable and durable in the face of intense racing conditions. Granted it may be not as popular as other options on this list despite the Yokohama name, it lives up to the quality and performance that the brand promises.


  1. LeCont


Capping off this list, we have LeCont tyres. Started all the way back in 1993 in Rovereto, Italy, the company would see immediate success in the racing market. Fast forward to today, and we can see that the Italian-based outfit continues to expand their reach.


In today’s modern karting scene, they have seen an increased popularity all across the globe, especially in Europe and Australia. Because of this, they have further cemented themselves as a top-tier tyre manufacturer of quality tyres that are suited for both the local and international level.



That concludes this article on some of the well-known manufacturers of go-kart racing tyres. Regardless of what tyres your competition or series chooses to use, what is guaranteed is that these brands come from a long history of constantly improving their formula. Whichever you choose, performance and quality is all but guaranteed.

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