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UK’s Best Karting Tracks

Did you know that 6 of the 10 current Formula 1 teams are all based and have their headquarters in the United Kingdom? Furthermore, the other 4 teams while not based, still carry out most of their operations in the UK. This is just one example of how big and prolific the racing scene in the United Kingdom is. By looking at the Formula 1 history, you will see a big contingent of English drivers, who predominantly started their careers in kart racing. This article is about the best karting tracks in the United Kingdom, so you can start your motor racing journey.


  1. Paul Fletcher International (PFI)

  • Paul Fletcher International, or PFI for short is the UK’s largest outdoor karting track, measuring up to 1.3km long! This circuit starts the lap going under a bridge before going back over the top of it a couple of turns later. Turns 3-4 feature a braking zone that is difficult to perfect. On top of that, you will be greeted with a big elevation change heading into turns 5-6 which are directly above turns 3-4. A big downward straightaway follows just before the first hard braking zone. While the track looks simple, perfecting is very difficult. For a challenging yet entertaining session, PFI is the one to go. This circuit is a staple in World Karting with world championships and British Championships being held at this prestigious race track.

Paul Fletcher International

Website: https://www.kartpfi.com/


  1. Daytona Tamworth

    • Daytona’s roster of tracks is similar to that of K1 Speed in the sense that there are many different Daytona tracks and venues spread out across the UK. It’s three tracks can be found in Tamworth and Milton Keynes (yes, that Milton Keynes). But for the best experience, we suggest going to Sandown Park. Located only an hour away from London, this track presents a unique feature in that all corners are medium to high-speed turns that are almost similar to each other. If you are looking for a high-speed adrenaline experience, look no further than Daytona.

Daytona Tamworth

Website: https://www.daytona.co.uk/venues/tamworth/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA_P6dBhD1ARIsAAGI7HD- tIwYtaUSDY8UM9SkQFAO1a7afYlHjN0ebzIntRtuQVghNG9nxoYaAnPlEALw_wcB


  1. Whilton Mill

  • Whilton Mill is perhaps the UK’s most iconic track. A quick left-right sequence starts a lap followed by some of the most difficult and challenging corners, made even more harder thanks to the lack of grip on track. Whilton Mill is also known for its huge amount of runoff which can be seen at the exit of turns 2, 6, and 11. For an experience like no other, Whilton Mill is very much worth your time.

Whilton Mill

Website: https://www.whiltonmill.co.uk/


  1. Buckmore Park

  • If you are looking for a track that has a bit of everything, look no further than Buckmore Park. This is the circuit where Formula 1 World Champions Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button started their karting careers. This 12-turn track features every kind of corner from high speed to low speed, mixed in with a bit of elevation change. The first half of the circuit features consecutive hairpins which head onto a long straight. From there, the track is composed of mostly esses. This track also holds a 24-hour race known as the Buckmore Park 24 Hour, a team event that divides drivers in different classes.

Buckmore Park

Website: https://www.buckmore.co.uk/adults/exclusive?gclid=Cj0KCQiA_P6dBhD1ARIsAAGI7HAPgq mhL3DsAFraHE8qmSg-V4vdDDLDyYFbNqoFl0S-9Vbkf0oZ4YgaAnnUEALw_wcB


  1. Warden Law Kart Club

Warden Law is a tight circuit that rewards drivers who can utilize the kerbs to attack. This circuit has lights, so racing and testing can be right throughout the day offering a difference perspective for kart racers. The UKC championship holds a round here which shows the caliber of race track that Warden Law is.

Warden Law Kart Club

Website: Where Champions are Born (wardenlawmotorsports.com)


  1. Clay Pigeon

  • Clay Pigeon is a high-speed circuit with not many corners to it (only 7). But when the braking zones come up, you will be sure to feel the g-forces given how fast you can go in the track’s very long straightaways, with the main front stretch being the longer of the two. Furthermore, given the number of corners in this circuit, one mistake is very costly here.

Clay Pigeon

Website: https://www.claypigeonraceway.com/


  1. Rowrah

  • Focus and patience is everything in this track. This 12-turn track does not feature a lot of overtaking opportunities, with your best bet being at turns 4 and 5. It is also does not help that the track is narrow and features very tight sections, with notable ones being at turns 7 and 8. Not much overtaking will be going on, but race craft will be tested in this circuit.


Website: https://www.cumbriakrc.co.uk/


  1. Larkhall

    • A very flowing circuit, Larkhall also presents a tricky but fun layout to drive. Turns 1-3 are the fastest corners in the track and are like Istanbul park’s turn 8. Turn 9 features a hairpin, but not a normal one. The hairpin’s slight banking which is on camber makes it easier for the kart to turn and can help carry more speed, thus making it more fun to drive.



Website: https://larkhallcircuit.com/


  1. Shenington

  • Shenington is a circuit that is fairly easy to drive when you compare it to other tracks on this list. Don’t take this track lightly though. While the layout is simple, the whole track is open for overtaking opportunities. For the most part, it mostly consists of a straight that heads into a hairpin, which is then repeated over and over. With battles that will last for a long time, Shenington is an exciting track to race in.



Website: https://sheningtonkrc.co.uk/


  1. Lakeside Karting

    • Last but not the least, we have Lakeside Karting. The first half of this lap is a slow sequence of corners that contains very tight hairpins. You then head into two 90 degree corners before going into the second half of the track which is mostly straight and features two long straightaways. It is important to know as well that the track has lights which makes it possible to race at night. If there is anything better than racing, it’s racing at night.

Lakeside Karting

Website: https://www.lakeside-karting.co.uk/


And with that, those were 10 of the United Kingdom’s best kart tracks that you must see for yourself. Each track has its standout features that no other track has. So, if you can, do visit these tracks and race on the same layouts that many of the current Formula 1 grid have experienced in their careers. For more information such as opening times on these tracks, kindly visit the websites found here.

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