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What’s The Minimum Age For Karting?

In Australia, the minimum age that you can get behind the wheel of a racing kart is six years old. This can only be done under a practice licence, so no six-year-old is able to race in competition. It is wise to check the regulations for the country you will be driving in, as in some countries, six years of age kids can compete.

The ability for these younger drivers to access the racetrack 12 months in advance of competition is a wise idea, as they can build their confidence on their own without the stresses of other karts present on the racetrack at the same time in a race event. Rather than focusing on where other drivers will overtake them, they can just concentrate on hitting the right lines and understanding how the brake & throttle work in a less stressful environment.

Then at seven, they have the option of upgrading their licence to competition where they can race at selected events, they are a member at, but they will be required to start on P Plates for a number of races to begin with and an OLS needs to be undertaken at your club prior to competing.

It is amazing to think of kids at that age being able to control a vehicle on their own, and get an understanding of how to corner, brake and accelerate which are all traits they can take throughout their life when they get behind the wheel of a road car at some point.

The reflexes and hand eye coordination they gain by driving and racing a kart at speeds between 80-115km/h gives them a better chance of making the right decisions behind the wheel of a road car when that arises.

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