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Why You Should Be Your Own Mechanic In Karting

One thing that many people are worried about when getting into karting is about the mechanical side of the kart. You might be worried about not having any mechanical knowledge, not knowing how to fix something or even replace parts when needed.

However, there are some very compelling reasons as to why you should be your own mechanic if you’re starting out in karting. It’s a good idea to give it a try and see if it works out for you or not.

It's More Fun

Being your own mechanic is satisfying. You will be able to work on your own kart by yourself and the more you understand what you’re doing the more you’ll begin to enjoy it. Working on your kart can become therapeutic in a way.
There aren’t many kart owners out there that will tell you they don’t enjoy working on their own kart. From fixing things to replacing parts or simply cleaning the kart, it’s all part of the fantastic karting experience.

You Learn More
Working on your own kart will allow you to learn more about it. You’ll begin to understand how all the different parts work and what needs to be adjusted if something’s wrong.
Being able to learn about the mechanical side of karts is extremely helpful and it can be considered a skill. It could be something to add to your CV if you’re looking to move into that field, or if you generally need to use automotive mechanics in your career.

You Understand More

Being your own mechanic will help you to understand mechanics. In other words, if something were to go wrong on your kart you can troubleshoot through different ideas to see what is wrong and how you can fix it.

You can do the same thing with cars to a certain extent. While karts have different engines and are on a much smaller scale, there are some elements that remain the same even in cars, which could help you to fix any problems you might experience in a car.

Being your own mechanic will help you in terms of your set up as well. If you’re the one making set up changes to your kart it’s much easier to understand what is happening how those changes influence the handling or power of your kart.
This could also help you if your career as a racing driver progresses further than karts. If you get into race cars you might have a mechanic, however it helps to be able to ‘speak the same language’. This means you’re able to clearly communicate to them what needs to be changed on the car.

You Don't Have To Rely On Someone Else

Being your own mechanic means that if something goes wrong on your kart or you need to adjust your set up you don’t have to wait for someone else to help you out. You can do everything by yourself.

This is helpful, especially during race meetings when most people are busy working on their own karts and don’t have time to come and help you with potential issues on your kart. Being able to confidently work on your own kart is a must.


Mechanics Can Be Expensive
The first reason why you should be your own mechanic is because hiring one can be expensive. In a sport where you’re already spending a lot of money and it’s important to stick to your budget, you’ll want to try and save as much money as you can.

Hiring an expensive mechanic to do a job that you can do on your own is not going to help you to stick within your budget. That being said, if there is a complex job such as an engine overhaul, it will be cheaper to hire a mechanic than to do it yourself. You need to understand and admit when you are out of your depth and need some help.


How Do You Learn The Mechanics Of a Kart?

If you’re a beginner when it comes to karting there is quite a big learning curve to understanding the mechanics of your kart and what you need to adjust. Luckily there are ways that we can learn what we need to do.

The best way to learn is through a coach or a friend. Someone who has experience in karting and understands the mechanical side of it. They will be able to help you understand how everything works and they could also guide you on set up options.

Another option is to use resources that are readily available online. There are tons of magazines, articles and videos on the internet that will guide you through exactly how the mechanical side of your kart works and what you need to do.

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