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Welcome to GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina. We're here to show you the fastest way around this race track. As we start our lap at GoPro Motorplex and drive to turn one, this corner offers a wide entry point. So if we slow the kart down too much, we're going to lose all the speed down the back straight. You don't want to use the brakes too aggressively as this is going to keep your mid corner speed higher. Our Cadet and KA classes are going to use the brakes very gently, but concentrating on the roll time through to the apex. Our X30 categories, will use the brakes a little bit more, but not enough to lock up the brakes. Once we get to the middle of the apex, we want to be full throttle, allowing the kart to flow towards the exit barricade and we're going to just skip over that little kink curb.

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GoPro Motorplex - Mooresville, North Carolina

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