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New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Indiana, home of some of the largest races in North American karting. We're here to show you the fastest way to drive this all important track. So, as we're making our way down the main straight to start our lap at Newcastle Motorsports Park, the key to turn one is not overusing the brakes. So especially in our Mini, Micro and our KA classes, it's going to be a very gentle trail brake into the apex, but not enough to lock up the rear brakes. If we are stepping up into the X30 and the KZ categories, that's going to require more braking because the top speed is a lot higher down the main straight. Once we're making our way towards the apex, you can just clip the inside curb. But if you use too much of the curb, the chances are you can run wide, and on the exit there's quite a sharp and steep drop off. So drivers need to be mindful of not letting the kart drop a wheel on the outside of the track.

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New Castle Motorsports Park - New Castle, Indiana

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