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Welcome to Nola Motorsports Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. The racetrack here is one of the longest circuits on the USA calendar. It offers both technical corners and also fast chicanes where drivers can attack the inside curbs to be fast. Now let's show you how to drive this track fast. Turn One at Nola Motorsports Park is a very important corner, although it's not overly difficult, it's all about getting the momentum and the speed down the back straight. For our low performance categories, it's only going to be a very short, sharp lift-off the acceleration and getting back on the throttle as soon as you can. If drivers enter this corner too fast, they're going to lack the straight line speed. So, knowing that you do have to back off, it's better to back off earlier and reapply the throttle a lot sooner than your competition.

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NOLA Motorsports Park (National) - Avondale, Louisiana

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