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How to drive a go kart in the wet

Driving a go-kart in the wet can be a bit challenging, as the tires have less grip on the track and it can be more difficult to control the kart. Here are a few tips to help you drive a go-kart in the wet:

  1. Slow down: It's important to slow down when driving in the wet, as the tires will have less grip on the track. This will help you maintain better control of the kart and prevent spinouts. It’s up to the driver to find their limitations on how much grip the tires have in contrast to the track conditions. Even with wet tyres fitted, you are unlikely to corner as fast as the dry conditions.
  2. Use a smooth driving style: Avoid sharp inputs and sudden movements when driving in the wet. Instead, use a smooth driving style with gradual inputs to help maintain control of the kart. This will give you the most control on cornering. With more experience, a sharp input can be used to scrub off speed into the turn, but this has the potential to cause more spins.
  3. Use the brakes carefully: Be careful when braking in the wet, as the brakes will be less effective, and it can be easy to lock up the wheels. Use a light touch on the brakes and try to brake in a straight line to avoid spinning out.
  4. Stay away from the rubber line: If possible, try to stay away from the dry lines on the track as this will provide less traction than the more abrasive part of the circuit. Avoid standing water and puddles, as they can cause aquaplaning. If you’re wondering why you’re still spinning in the wet conditions, we have you covered in our Beginner Program which explains this!
  5. Use the right tires: Using the right tires for the wet conditions can make a big difference. Wet weather tires have a tread pattern that helps to channel water away from the contact patch, providing better grip. When the tracks starts to dry up, mechanics and drivers will need to make the right choice to maximise their performance or risk wearing down the wet tire tread with minimal water exposure.
  6. Adjust the Kart setup: Lowering tire pressures can help increase the contact patch, giving more grip. Adjusting the ride height and axle can also help improve the kart's stability in the wet. We cover this area in one of our Kart Setup Program episodes if you want to learn more.

It's also important to keep in mind that driving in the wet can be more dangerous than driving in the dry, so be sure to always drive cautiously and be prepared for any unexpected situations.

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