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America’s Best Karting Tracks

Known as the land of opportunity, the United States of America certainly holds true to that statement when it comes to the world of Motorsports. It is home to motorsport series’ such as NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, all of which getting their start in the land of the free. But when it comes to karting, the US also has its fair share of marvelous and spectacular karting tracks that host prestigious American karting events such as the United States Pro Kart Series, IAME series USA, and the SKUSA Supernats in Las Vegas, with the latter being known as one of karting’s biggest races of the year. But what tracks hold these prestigious events? Well, it is these 10 karting tracks that you should visit that do so.


  1. K1 Speed (Carlsbad,CA or Irvine,CA)

Website: https://www.k1speed.com/

  • K1 speed features the ultimate rental karting experience that can get even the most casual of racing fans even more invested. K1 Speed has a total of 61 different tracks across America. However, for the best experience, these 2 tracks suit best. If you seek history and want to drive in the very first K1 Speed, look no further than Carlsbad, CA. On the other hand, if you want to race in what they consider to be K1 Speed’s headquarters, then their track at Irvine, CA is your best bet. Their latest facility just outside of Los Angeles will hold major karting events for SKUSA in 2023.


  1. Dallas Karting Complex (Dallas, TX)

Website: https://dallaskartingcomplex.com/

  • In their own words, Dallas Karting Complex is home to “the fastest go-karts in Texas”. Unlike K1 speed, DKC is an outdoor kart track that features many different layouts. In fact, two of these layouts are considered professional grade that can host championship races. Having recently been extended in 2022, Dallas throws a new challenge to racers looking to improve their skills.


  1. AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex (Homestead,FL)

Website: http://amrmotorplex.com/

  • AMR Homestead is a mainstay in many championships held in America. Despite its simple layout featuring mostly 90-degree corners and a few hairpins, this track is known to produce good racing every time. It is located across the road from the Homestead NASCAR circuit, with the karting facility being originally set out on a parking lot that has now been paved into a proper race track.

  • AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex


  1. Vegas Supernats Race Track (Las Vegas, NV)

Website: https://www.superkartsusa.com/national/skusa-supernationals.html

  • Out of all the racetracks, none are as unique and as iconic as the SKUSA Supernats Racetrack. For starters, it is held once a year in a parking lot at the Rio All-Suites Casino. This track as mentioned in its name, hosts the Vegas Supernationals annually, which is a big event that welcomes the best of the best and has been raced by Formula 1 World Champions Michael Schumacher & Max Verstappen. Another standout feature of this track is that its layout changes every year which opens the door for unique challenges and healthy competition. While you may not be able to race in this track unless you race competitively, the event is certainly one you must not miss.


  1. GoPro Motorplex (Charlotte,NC)

Website: http://www.gopromotorplex.com/

Learn to drive this track

  • Racing in America is mostly prominent in the south due to interest in NASCAR. Well, GoPro Motorplex is right in the middle of it being in Charlotte, North Carolina. Coincidentally enough, two NASCAR drivers, that being Michael McDowell and Justin Marks are recognized as the founders of GoPro Motorplex. This track features a unique set of corners ranging from fast to slow, as well as quick kinks to tight hairpins. You are sure to enjoy yourself here and see the stars of USA Motorsport regularly taking their karts out on track during the week to hone their skills.

Vegas Supernats Race Track


  1. New Castle Motorsports Park (Newcastle, IN)

Website: https://newcastlemotorsportspark.com/

Learn to drive this track

  • Compared to the other tracks on this list, New Castle Motorsports Park is relatively under the radar. However, you are sure to still have a great experience here with the track featuring a lot of high speed straight, and flowing corners which present good opportunities for overtaking.

New Castle Motorsports Park


  1. New Orleans Motorsports Park (Avondale,LA)

Website: https://nolamotor.com/karting/

Learn to drive this track

  • New Orleans Motorsports Park is one of the biggest karting tracks in America. With over 30 acres of land dedicated to racing, this track features many different layouts and can accommodate large grids due to the long distance of the track. This circuit has hosted the Rotax Grand Finals in the past.

New Orleans Motorsports Park


  1. Speedsportz Racing Park (New Caney,TX)

Website: Speedsportz Racing Park

Learn to drive this track

  • Speedsportz is another track that has gone under the radar like Newcastle. Located in the small town of New Caney, Texas, the track itself presents a lot of high-speed corners with turns 2-4 as well as 6-8 being your best shots for an overtake. For a track that puts your race form to the test, Speedsportz is the one to go for.

Speedsportz Racing Park


  1. Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA)

Website: https://www.atlantamotorsportspark.com/karting/

Learn to drive this track

  • If Spa-Francorchamps was a karting circuit, it would be Atlanta Motorsports Park. This track is unlike any other on this list due to the fact that it features drastic elevation changes which tend to unsettle the kart and it’s balance. On top of all that, the racing is always fun and exhilarating, featuring very long straights that head into hard braking zones that are followed up by a difficult sequence of corners. If you are looking for a different challenge, look no further than AMP.


  1. Utah Motorsports Campus (Erda, UT)

Website: https://www.utahmotorsportscampus.com/karting/

  • Utah Motorsports Campus presents to us a unique scenery for a go-kart track as from images you will see online, it looks as if it is located in the middle of nowhere, with sand only surrounding the track. However, don’t let that sway you from trying this fast and flowing circuit that features a ton of medium to high-speed corners that present a very physical challenge.

Utah Motorsports Campus


And with that concludes 10 kart tracks in America you should visit. Now always remember that if you own a kart and race competitively, you will most likely need to apply for a membership or join a certain club that is affiliated with that track or search online for the USPKS, SKUSA, or local club to see when their next race event is on.

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