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USA’s Top 5 Most Technical Circuits

The United States is a hotbed of not just racing talent, but also prestigious and iconic racing tracks. Karting also contributes to this by having challenging and technical circuits to race on. In this article, we will cover five of the most technical circuits in the USA.

Speedsportz Park Houston
SpeedSports track

Number of Turns: 15
Location: Houston, Texas
Length: 0.8 Miles (Performance Track)

While Speedsportz may have a rental track featuring a shorter length and less corners, the performance track is on a different level. The lap starts with the first 3 corners being relatively fast before turns 4 and 5 that are significantly slower. After this comes the back stretch which then leads into the twisty and technical section of the circuit, featuring many different types of corners taken at different speeds. After turn 12, a short straight follows until you reach the last 3 corners, that being turns 12-15. Having a good exit here is crucial as what follows is the main straight, capping off a lap at Speedsportz Racing Park.

Trackhouse Motorplex

GoPro Charlotte

Number of Turns: 11
Location: Mooresville, North Carolina
Length: 0.7 Miles (Main Layout)

GoPro Charlotte has changed their name to “Trackhouse Motorplex”. This is because of the owner and creator of the track, Justin Marks, having connections to Trackhouse racing, a team in the NASCAR cup series. As for the track itself, it features a lot of unique corners, both fast and slow, presenting an overall balanced circuit. Turns 1 and 4 are examples of the circuit’s fast corners, with them being long and flowing. However, there are also slow corners, as seen in turns 8-9. All in all, the track has a bit of everything, which is sure to challenge every driver.

Atlanta Motorsports Park


Number of Turns: 16
Location: Dawsonville, Georgia
Length: 0.85 Miles (Main Layout)

One of the longer circuits in this list, AMP can very much be considered as the Spa-Francorchamps of Karting. This 16-turn circuit is known for its big elevation changes that challenge drivers in the braking zone. Like Trackhouse Motorplex, the track features very fast sections and very slow sections. But what separates this track from the rest is the difficulty in braking. Given the elevation changes, proper braking is needed to avoid losing the kart or making a mistake. There is also signage around the track to represent some tight hairpins to notify drivers of the upcoming corners.

Pittsburgh International


Number of Turns: 17
Location: Wampum, Pennsylvania
Length: 0.82 Miles (Full Track)

A balanced track just like the others in this list, The Pittsburgh International Race Complex is also a fun track to drive. Perhaps the track’s standout parts are at turns 7-11, featuring a sequence of slow corners, each having their unique qualities. The track also presents a number of overtaking opportunities, as seen in the front stretch just before turns 1-3, which then leads into another straightaway into a hard braking zone, which is another chance at an overtake. After turn 13, a straight follows just before turn 14, which then follows another straight heading to turn 15. This sequence can provide great switch back action. There is some nice undulation and blind corners at PittRace that offer drivers a technical aspect to master.

Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati


Number of Turns: 11
Location: Batavia, Ohio
Length: 0.95 Miles

One of the faster kart tracks on this list, the Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati is a tough challenge to face. It is important for drivers to be fast on the final two hairpins at this circuit as the main opportunity for passing on this track is Turn 1. The track is wide open with plenty of overtaking spots. Drivers need to flow the kart through the corners here as this track is wider in sections than drivers think. All in all, this track in Batavia, Ohio is one tough track to tame.

Those are five of the USA’s Most Technical Circuits. Interested to learn more about these tracks? Well, you are in luck! KartClass is releasing track guides for these 5 tracks! To learn more, contact KartClass.

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