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by David Sera

Champions Club

You're gathering advice, but can’t decide what’s right or wrong. Your competitive spirit is building. Our membership program is designed for drivers looking to develop; Braking techniques, race starts, wet weather driving and the mindset to overcome your nerves, build your confidence and contain your emotions. Our 6 month membership program is where champions are born!

Learn to drive & get on the right track for success!

Step 1

Join the program

This gives you access to our 30+ videos on driving, race craft & mindset + diagrams & worksheets, as well as 6 months coaching support from Dave Sera.

Step 2

Get Support

With our private community to ask technical & driving questions & LIVE Q&A’s to support you on your racing journey.

Step 3

Leave the competition behind

Our Champions Club will provide a platform for racing drivers to win National events by being resilient, confident and versatile to any situation thrown at them.

Why Kart Class?

A unique program that helps you go from beginner to pro in no time.

conducted by an 18x australian champion.

New content uploaded each month.

join our community and have your questions answered.

tailor-made strategies that best fit your racing ambitions.

learn more than just about racing, where we also focus on other vital elements such as mindset. Kart class is equipped with a mental skills coach from the uk with previous successes in moto gp and wsk karting, with skills to improve your confidence, resilience and ability to tackle your nerves.

understand your kart behaviours better, with access to kart setup advice coming from 25 years of experience.

be up to date on everything about go karting.

that's just the tip of the iceberg!
so what are you waiting for?

All this for only $699.99 AUD
$175 AUD over 4 payments

Champions Club videos

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Kart Class Setup Sheet

Kart Class Setup Sheet

Two-stroke Mix Ratio Chart

Two–stroke Mix Ratio Chart

Karting Camber

Karting Camber

How To Get Sponsors

How To Get Sponsors

Driving Checklist

Driving Checklist

Karting Caster and Toe In Out

Karting Caster and Toe In Out

Kart Maintenance Checklist

Kart Maintenance Checklist